Revival is coming South Africa Catherine Browne

“South Africa—Revival Is Coming!”

Catherine Brown

I recently received an email from a fellow minister of the Gospel, Doug Addison in the USA, who had returned from a powerful ministry trip in Cape Town, South Africa. Doug shared with me about his supernatural experience of a white feather falling from Heaven into the palm of his hand.

He was quickened to contact me after reading the recent ElijahList posting of an article I wrote entitled, “Vision of a New Heart and the Angel called the Winds of Destiny,” in which I make brief mention in the introduction of white feathers manifesting during my trip to Tennessee in March. This is not the first time I have experienced this particular phenomenon.

In 2006, I experienced the appearance of white feathers both at home and abroad.


Whilst there may be many possible interpretations for the white feather phenomenon, perhaps the most significant of all is that they speak of the manifestation of the miracle realm of Heaven on earth because of the glory of the risen Lord, Jesus Christ.


As a result of my dialogue with Doug, I have been in prayer for South Africa and would like to share with you what the Lord has impressed to my heart. Please contend with us in prayer for the destiny of South Africa as you read these words.

Vision—Gold in the Earth and Feathers Falling from Heaven


As I pray for South Africa, I am lifted up into the heavenly realms and have an aerial view over the land. I can see gold veins under the earth and these seem to be mines and gold veins that are, as yet, untapped. Simultaneous to seeing below the earth, I am also witnessing an abundance of tiny, pure white feathers falling from Heaven to earth. The white feathers speak of the manifestation of the miracle realm on earth because of the glory of the Lord.


As I continue to gaze on South Africa, I notice that the gold veins become ablaze with fire and it is my strong impression that it first speaks of the coming of revival to South Africa. I believe God is going to show Joseph-anointed investors how to tap into the hidden veins that I am seeing in this vision, to release resources for the Kingdom. The outpouring of God’s glory that is coming to South Africa is going to have both spiritual and physical blessings.


Revival in the Townships—Gang Leaders Coming to Christ


I see revival in the townships of South Africa as multitudes receive Christ as Lord and Saviour. In the vision I am witnessing gang leaders hearing the message of the Gospel. For many their first response is to ridicule and then, alarmingly, they begin to plan to assassinate preachers of the Word of God.

However, despite the enemy’s best efforts to use these lost souls as ambassadors of hatred, they become so convicted of their need of salvation by the Holy Spirit and the preaching of God’s Word that they are unable to fulfill their murder assignments. I see many on their knees weeping and receiving personal salvation and deliverance.


In other cases I see people with weapons coming to meetings with the intention to cause harm, but their murderous plans are exposed by the Holy Spirit through the word of knowledge to the preachers and intercessory teams, and once again, many are brought into personal relationship with the Lord.

These dear ones are like “Saul”; those who once persecuted the Gospel, but upon conversion they become powerfully anointed to preach the Gospel and win whole communities to Christ. In the heavenly realms I witness angels battling against evil demonic forces so that righteousness can rain down and salvation spring up from the earth. Glory to God!


I hear the Spirit of the Lord say, “There will be revival in the townships, but it will take a people impassioned and emboldened by the compassion of Christ. It will take a league of servant leaders willing to surrender all to Christ and lay down their agendas to take up Heaven’s agenda to see revival come to South Africa.”


I see a table and around it are represented many nations— “the League of Nations” is what I hear the Spirit saying. “Many nations and many representatives from around the world will come again and sit round the table in South Africa. There is a convergence that will take place in South Africa that will shake the heavens and the earth.” I believe this has a double-edged governmental outworking—in the natural as world leaders gather, and also in the spiritual as the Kingdom of God invades earth.


 Dread Champions of Faith Arise

“From Cape Town to Johannesburg I am calling forth dread champions of faith,” says the Lord. “I am going to sweep through this land with fire from Heaven, and the destiny of this nation shall come forth refined in holy fire. I am re-establishing My rule and reign in South Africa and I will pour out healings, signs and wonders even as I call multitudes into My Kingdom. I am going to pour out My miracle-working love and power and destroy the yokes of drug addiction, alcoholism, violence and prostitution,” says the Lord.


“The children of South Africa have not been forgotten by their heavenly Father, for many have cried out for deliverance on behalf of the children and I am coming with My presence and My holy fire to touch lips, to sanctify hearts and to commission a new generation—an apostolic company of Believers in South Africa. The market place and the church-based ministries must learn to work together, so that the fullness of My resource and blessing can be released into the nations.


“South Africa, I have loved you with an everlasting love, and I call you forth to be a nation who will pray, a nation who will evangelise, and a nation who will work out the Great Commission in fear and trembling before Me, for I am a holy God and a God of holy love.”


Together in the Harvest,

Catherine Brown