Gatherings of Fire – Cape Town - Global Days of TPW - Thanks Giving Praise and Worship

Gatherings of Fire – Cape Town

Gatherings of Fire Messages and Words

Gathering of Fire – 17 Nov 2018 – Cape Town: City of Revival – Video Replay

Gathering of Fire – 8 Sep 2018 – Cape Town: City of Revival – Part 1 -3 Video Replays

Part 1

Introduction to Heaven’s Blue Print for Revival by Mirjam and the road ahead.

Watch Part 1 here

Part 2 – Overcoming the hat of mammon and opening the gates of provision

Many believers are battling financially despite being givers. This teaching focuses on two major revelations the Lord has given us since 2010.

The first is overcoming the hat of mammon. This revelation exposes how the enemy deceives us into wearing the hat of mammon made of fear, anxiety and stress, thus blinding us from the Lord’s plans of provision for us.

We have an article on this here    you can watch the Video on the link below.

The second part is a powerful revelation the Lord gave to Mirjam in 2017 where the Lord revealed the Gates of Provision in our lives and how we supposed to keep these gates open for the provision to flow into our lives.

Both of these above revelations are key to having a consistent flow of finances in our lives.

Watch Part 2 here

Part 3 – Here fish fishy – Calling fish

In 2013 the Lord sent an angel to Mirjam in order to teach me how to catch fish.

The Lord has called us all to be fishers of men. This revelation deals with fish being souls and fish being sales and provision from Father.

A business without sales will go bankrupt. If you need to increase the income of your business and life through increased income generation then you will really be blessed by watching this.

Also, this will help you call in souls into His Kingdom so you can make disciples.

It is harvest time.

Jesus called His disciples and He wants you to call in souls into His Kingdom.

This strategy has really worked in a supernatural way for us in business and in ministry.



Gathering of Fire – 28 July 2018  – Cape Town: City of Revival – VIDEO Replay 

You can watch the Video recording of the Cape Town Gathering of Fire below.

The Lord took us through some powerful times of surrender and repentance on behalf of Cape Town and eventually broke through after a few hours.

The Lord was dealing with the following strongholds:

* jealousy

* pride

* abortion and adoption as the responsibility of the Church.

* unbelief and doubt

We broke through as He taught everyone what the angel of Breakthrough taught us, and that is how to breakthrough with consistent faith and loud praises.


0:00 Surrender of our vessels and preparing for revival

35:40 Divine encounter – going from the outer court to the Holy of Holies

1:03:40 Dealing with strongholds in Cape Town – pride and jealousy

1:26:43 Prophetic words released Mirjam and Latitia

1:36:17 Vision about the aborted babies in Cape Town and dealing with abortion and abandoned babies, both physical and our spiritual babies. Anelma and Gary shared.

2:09:00 Are we ready for Revival? Are we ready to make disciples? There are millions that are going to be saved. What will do with them? Everyone is called to make disciples.

2:35:28 Overcoming the stronghold of unbelief and doubt through Loud praises.

The difference between hope and faith. How to enter into the breakthrough with your promises. One accord, Spirit and Truth Worship, will release the glory of God.

3:06:45 Prophetic words for City Keepers. By Mirjam

3:08:00 Breakthrough Shout!

3:37:24 Prophetic words released by Latitia and Gary and others

Thanks for joining us.

In His love

Warren and Mirjam Horak

Gathering of Fire Cape Town – 12-13 February 2018 – Preparing For Revival – His Dwelling Place of Glory

A big thank you to the torchbearers, intercessors, eagles, leaders, business people who attended the gathering on the 12 and 13 of January 2018.

We have compiled a playlist of some of the teachings, prophetic words and prayers that were released at the gathering.

In His love

Warren and Mirjam Horak

Day 1

Session 1 Opening – Tent of Meeting

Worship according to pattern in heaven – Melanie


Prophetic words continue soul on fire

Our Praise spreads the fire of revival

The Lord is busy building a platform

 Prophetic word – Unity released Power through each person

Prophetic Words – All the pieces coming together as One

Prophetic words and repentance

Day 2

Divine Encounter and Praying the prayer of Faith – Tackling the Tree of knowledge in Education

Purpose Based Education

Prophetic Words – He is answering our prayers NOW – Spirit of Revival Released

From 17 min 20 seconds the revelation of the 7 Spirits of God in our midst 

Surrender your vessel into His Vessel to receive the Spirit of Revival

To read this entire prophecy on the Vessel and Staircase to Revival go here 

Prophetic Word – Promised Land

Prophetic Words Jacques Malan

Jacques Malan – pattern His End Time Church

Two systems of Business – Johan Van Antwerp

The Blue Print of Revival for SA, Africa, Israel and the nations – Part 1 and Part 2 you can find here