Gatherings of Fire – Joburg - Global Days of TPW - Thanks Giving Praise and Worship

Gatherings of Fire – Joburg

Gatherings of Fire Messages and Words

Gathering of Fire – 15 Dec 2018

13 October 2018 Gathering of Fire

Part 2 Prophetic Words

He is Establishing a People of Praise

25 Aug 2018 Gathering of Fire

Due to technical issues, the live video did not load completely. You can watch the complete Video recording of the Gathering of Fire below.

This was the most powerful gathering yet!

Very important keys were released for REVIVAL…

The main focus in this gathering was what happens when we truly surrender ALL. Then we focus on Teamwork in corporate TPW (Thanksgiving, Praise and Worship)

We are the worship team, that is everyone who comes to a gathering is an active team member of the worship team.

We are learning how to surrender the Abraham and Jesus surrendered to see the nations saved.

Please share this word with others who are standing for revival.


0:00 Surrender – learning how to surrender and what to surrender. How to climb the staircase of surrender see complete prophetic word here 

55:00  Preparing a City for His Revival Fire.

Hear what happens when we are able to surrender corporately in a city or a town. See this entire prophetic word here 

1:16:00 Worship as one – TEAM.

We have to surrender in order to worship in one accord. When we are in one accord the oil comes and then comes the fire of Revival.

We receive nations when we surrender like Abraham did laying down our Isaacs.

Jesus the greatest anointing when He laid down His lifeblood. One drop of that blood from His brow will transform a city and nation.

He is waiting for us to surrender corporately.

The enemy says civil war, the Lord says surrender!

Lay down our calendars down.

1:31:59  Vision of the Rowing team

By Annette Membrey

Had a vision early this morning of strong men in a rowing boat.

They were rowing with such intense focus and strength and unison…the Spirit told me that if one of them should be out of rhythm the boat won’t move forward.

There is not time to go in circles or go around another mountain…the goal and vision to go forward and straight

The Spirit is inviting every revivalist to get in the boat…when you get in the boat in total surrender then you won’t fail the fitness test….

The boat was beneath and in front high above was this fierce big Lion facing the boat…He was watching the boat…

His head was moving, getting ready to ROAR!

1:36:10 Rowing boat videos Revelation for Corporate Worship

You can also watch them on YouTube here Video 1

Video 2


1:47:11 Raw thanksgiving – allowing worshippers to take the mike and thank the Lord for what’s on their hearts.

1:51:54 Loud breakthrough Praises and shout

1:54:14 Releasing prophetic words

2:35:30 Releasing arrows of light and blood

We prayed over the 14 areas of strongholds including the seven mountains.

  1. Civil violence and unrest
  2. Child trafficking, abortion and abandonment
  3. Family
  4. Religion – Church
  5. Government
  6. Judiciary and justice system
  7. Education
  8. Media
  9. Business – the economy
  10. Arts and culture
  11. Crime rings
  12. Drug rings
  13. Witchcraft and occult
  14. Anti-Semitism and stance against Israel

The entire message of the arrows of light is here


14 July 2018 – Gathering of Fire

Full replay of the gathering for fire.

Below are the times where each message starts on the video as the entire video is 2 hours 45 minutes. This will help you go to each message as and when you need to. 

Audio messages will be available below of the key messages which you can also download.

2:47 Start: Humbling ourselves in surrender and repentance – 2 Chron 7:14 If we in SA would humble ourselves. Now is the time to humble ourselves in South Africa.

41:31 Word from Mirjam about the Helper, helping us surrender our own ideas so we can receive His thoughts. He asked, “How Can I take the gates of the City if I cannot have the gates of your heart?”.

50:00 Holy Spirit is setting us free from a corrupt image of our Father in Heaven. Receive Father’s love

1:00:36 – singing in the Spirit, the tongues of angels

1:06:52 – prophetic word by Neil – Saw how there was a breakthrough in the second heavens as we went in high praises. Through the firmament. OPEN HEAVENS.

Saw provision pouring out on all of us through the OPEN heavens, He said an army cannot march an empty stomach. Debt Cancelation released! Father is removing the burdens from our back because He loves us.

1:18:15 We need to do CONSISTENT – TPW – Thanksgiving, Praise and Worship in order to have consistent breakthrough and cash flow in our lives.

1:22:29 Prophecy – by Haley, she saw squadron RAF fighters, also saw massive atomic bombs releases as we broke through in TPW. These bombs hit the enemies “hidden bunkers” all over the nation. Weapons of MASS destruction were released over the enemies camp.

1:29:09 – He wants us to start soaring – catch the winds – seven churches will be purified seven times – word by Delphine.

1:32:11 When we surrendered, those who surrendered each became like white tiles, a path that was built. Jesus stepped on each one of us. Susan

1:34:53 Warren shared Part 2 of Heavens Blue Print for Revival. The first time this word has been shared publically. How the Lion of Judah walked over Africa and in Israel and released His fire and the ROAR from PE.
We see how He releases His fire to strengthen the intercessors who are at the end of their rope.

Now is the Time!!! Time for My fire:

See Audio recordings below of the message and the prophetic words. These words are clear with no distortion.

Heavens Blueprint for Revival Part 2

This includes the words from Rick Riding about the Lion of Judah and South Africa and the Tipping point word how they all connect with the Blueprint and Gods holy Highway in Africa.

You will be able to get a Transcript of the Heavens Blueprint here

Here is a written copy of Rick Ridings word


1 July 2018

Part 1 – Gathering of Fire – Joburg City of Revival

Introduction and sharing from 2 Corinthians 3. The Glory of the New Covenant and the veil of the flesh.

At minute 42 we had connection problems with live streaming.

Part 2 – Gathering of Fire – Joburg City of Revival

Climbing the Steps of surrender, higher and higher into the Lord’s presence.

Warren is sharing about the Word the Lord gave about His Vessel that He is preparing. We need to pour out our vessels into His vessel, for the corporate anointing that will birth the Revival in S.A.

Part 3 – Gathering of Fire – Joburg City of Revival

Joy of the Lord and free worship.

Part 4 – Gathering of Fire – Joburg City of Revival

What is Jesus doing in His Body.
Praying over the 7 Cities of Revival.